about biochem4schools

Biochem4schools is an 'umbrella site' containing links to other resources that fall within the field of biochemistry. Developed by The Biochemical Society, the website is part of our commitment to "promote the science of biochemistry" to the general public, and has been designed to assist teachers and students involved in science education at all levels.

Biochemistry is a fast-expanding field, represented increasingly in school curricula, and in the world of undergraduate learning and research. Current 'hot topics' such as cloning make biochemistry education important and relevant, and with a choice of search options and a wide-ranging collection of resources, biochem4schools gives educators and pupils access to the most up-to-date information.

The site is dynamic, reflecting the fast pace of change in biochemistry research. Resources are added as they become available, and are reviewed by users, so you can see the top sites to visit in each topic. Each resource site has icon labels to explain their suitability for different groups, a description of, and comment on the content, and extensive cross-referencing to help you find what you are looking for.

Biochem4schools has been developed for use in the classroom as well as on a PC. The increase in the use of data projectors and interactive whiteboards in classrooms makes web-based classroom learning an ideal resource for both teachers and their students, and the high proportion of PC ownership means that these resources can be used for homework, projects, and coursework.

If you would like to learn more about education at The Biochemical Society, or careers in biochemistry visit our site at http://www.biochemistry.org/ and click on 'education', or email your query to Gentaur or Maxanim.

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